Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mulu National Park, Sarawak

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Gunung Mulu National Park is one of Nature's most spectacular achievements and the 'jewel in the crown' of Sarawak's expanding network of national parks. It is also the largest national park, covering 52,865 hectares of primary rainforest, encompasses incredible caves and karst formations in a mountainous equatorial rainforest setting, which is criss-crossed by fast flowing rivers.

And now, we are going to open up your eyes, taking you wonder by wonder, over, sideways and under, on a magical ride of our Mulu National Park trip in the month of August,2007.

For your information, there is no direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Mulu. But, there is a daily flight from/to Miri to/from Mulu, RM84 one way before taxes and surcharges, the journey time takes about 25 minutes, and flights are timed to connect with Air Asia flights from/to Kuala Lumpur to/from Miri.

Gunung Mulu National Park has a small airport which actually lies just outside the national park boundary. Most tour operators pick up passengers from the airport and bring them to their respective accommodations. But, for independent travellers just like us, can either thumb a lift from these tour operators or hire someone there for a ride to Park Headquarters of Gunung Mulu National Park, it's only RM5 per way.

Most visitors come to Mulu are for the caves which are listed in the World Unesco list for their unique. There are Deer and Langs Caves, Bat Exodus, Clearwater and Wind Caves, Moon Milk Cave, Turtle Cave, etc. And, please note that Guides are obligatory for all cave visits. So, make sure you register yourself at the Park's office and book the caves visiting or activities you want, as to ensure you not missed the caves visiting or activities you want when you're at the Park.

For Deer and Langs Caves, Guided Tours leave the Park’s office each day at 1.30pm and 2.30pm, therefore, visitors must be at the office 10 minutes before departure time. There is a 45 minute walk through the lush rainforest and alongside rushing rivers before you reach the entrance of the world’s largest cave passage.

It's really open up our eyes a lots when we're in the Deer and Langs Caves, they are so beautiful, yet we couldn't take much of the pictures inside since our Tour Guide walk too fast that we couldn't able to catch up closely with him.

After the visiting of Deer and Langs Caves, it's time for Bat Exodus. Rest and relax in the Bat Observatory as waiting for the Bat Exodus to begin is just nice and suit us after such a long way walk to Deer and Langs Caves. The bats leave the cave on most evenings between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm and there're million of them.

For Clearwater and Wind Caves, Guided Tours run daily, leaving from the Cave of the Winds entrance at 9.45am and 10.30am, and same rule, visitors must be there 10 minutes before the tour leaves.

On the way we glide down the Melinau River in a long boat toward Clearwater and Wind Caves, we past the everyday life of the Mulu community, and visited the Penan Long House Market and brought some souvenirs there.

To see more of Gunung Mulu National Park's vast cave system, try up one of the adventure caving activities just like us! Caves are rated as introduction, intermediate and advanced, and you need to be reasonably fit with the ability to be underground in small dark places. We tried up the intermediate adventure caving, we go for Racer Cave. For your information, Racer Cave requires some upper body strength but most people are successful, yet one of us failed. So, you can see that it's not easy to make it success too. The darkness of the underground journey in Racer Cave opened up our eyes and amazed us with the life in the dark, insects that have adapted strange shapes to survive in this underground world and Racer Snakes that have learned how to catch a meal as it flies past.

And, a must to do in Gunung Mulu National Park is the Mulu Canopy Skywalk. It is the longest tree-based walkway in the world at 480 metres long. And, don't forget to look for the Guide named Andrew, he is one of the Guides who bring Mulu Canopy Skywalk tour. For your information, he is the most nicest and funniest Guide we ever met in the park, he would tell you all kind of mystery stories of the Park, and he would show you all the birds, squirrels, monkeys and insects he found in the forest.

Regrettably, we didn't join for the Pinnacles hike as we think that we aren't reasonably fit with our abilities and trained ourselves well before challenge it. Yet, we believe we will be back for the Pinnacles one day. For those who interested to join us, just give us a buzz and we will plan for it.

Gunung Mulu National Park, CDT 62, 98007 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: 6085-792300/792301
Fax: 6085-792305

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Flash Point

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A week just before our Mulu, Sarawak trip, we had nothing better to do so we went to watch Flash Point with our 2 free voucher for this movie. Luckily we managed to buy our tickets just before 15 minutes before the movie start.

The movie was just nice. A typical Donnie Yen flick filled with brutal martial arts action. In Dragon Tiger Gate he showed a lot of Wu Shu moves and this time around it's wrestling and grappling.

In short, the whole movie was actually a bold and cool display of martial arts by Donnie Yen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rush Hour 3

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Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter are back in this latest sequel of the Rush Hour series. It’s been a long time since the last Rush Hour movie, so I couldn't remember about the last one. If I’m not mistaken, did they kick butt in China?

This time around, it’s Paris. Like a typical Jackie Chan movie, fun packed, with a large chunk of recycled jokes with some famous Jackie Chan actions. Rush Hour 3 evolves on predictable lines, but still entertainment quotient remains pretty high throughout especially the on screen chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker is just simply rocking, am I right?

From Rush Hour 3, I realised that Jackie Chan seems getting much more older as compared last few years, he didn't seem as agile as he was years ago, but for a man aged 53 like him, is still more fast, agile and flexible than most of his much younger co-stars.

The most trivia part in the scenes is Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) speaks Japanese to Kenji, er, I just can’t imagine Chief Inspector Lee is speaking Japanese in Rush Hour 3, isn't he Chinese in Rush Hour series, now become Japanese?

Overall, Rush Hour 3 is on more fun and less action this time around, nothing much spectacular, yet it's a must watch for Jackie Chan fans with a very high quotient of entertainment value.

Oh, and one thing I have to mention here in this post is we proud to be good citizen in Malaysia, so clap for us and we should clap for ourselves too.

Here's the story, Weng, Jessey, Elvin and I had nothing better to do so we went for a movie at GSC Berjaya Time Squares. At our first thought, we wanted to watch Flash Point since Elvin and I got 2 free vouchers for this movie and Jessey got 1 buy 2 free 1 voucher, so it could give us 5 Flash Point tickets by paying the price of 2 movie tickets only.

We opted to watch the 10pm movie and guess what, Flash Point is totally sold out and reserved even we tend to buy it around 7pm something, so no choices, we went for our dinner and hoping that the reservation for Flash Point will be released after our dinner.

We queue up again for the tickets after our dinner around 9pm and guess what, the ticket selling counter Indian girl telling us that the reservation for Flash Point still not yet released, so no choices, we so upset that we decided to watch Rush Hour 3 at 9.45pm and we queue up again. Unfortunately, the tickets for Rush Hour also fully sold out and reserved, and the ticket selling counter Indian girl telling that the reservation will be released in another 15 minutes time for Rush Hour 3 and asking us to queue again, what the hell, we have to queue up again, but this time we are clever, we asked the Indian girl to reserve for us once the ticket reservation for Rush Hour 3 released, and again, we queue up, feeling a bit embarrassed for queuing up again.

Thanks god, this time we got our tickets finally, the Indian girl did reserve for us and printed out the tickets for us in advance as well, and as usual, we paid for our tickets. The issue is, the Indian girl returning RM6 to us after receiving our RM50, RM44 for 5 tickets in total? Weird, but we just went off with our 5 tickets after receiving the RM6.

While waiting Belle for the movie at 9.45pm, we feeling that we shouldn't just walk away like nothing since the Indian girl has been so kind to us, she reserved and printed out 5 tickets in advance just for us. Maybe she will get scolded by her manager or being the one who have to pay for us for the movie ticket just because she can't balance off her cash received in total for the movie sold in total, or maybe she will get fired just because of this?

Here's the main issue, we went back and returned the balance of RM11 to her after the show around 11.30pm..

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Unforgettable Movies of Ours

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My Girl and I, TGV, Suria KLCC
That's our very first movie. Also our first at Suria KLCC. I still can clearly remember, it's on 2nd April 2006. He knew I so wanted to watch this movie and he booked tickets in advance. The movie was so touching until my eyes filled with tears in the middle of the movie, he saw and he teased me. That's the very first time he saw me tearing.

Water Spirit, GSC, One Utama
Our very first movie at One Utama. A horror story about the vengeful spirit of a tortured nun goes on a killing spree as she carries out her revenge on a group of girls who had wronged her.

The Da Vincci Code, Mid-Valley
It's a mid-night show and it's the first time he held my hand in the cinema.

Fragile, GSC, One Utama
It's a horror movie about a new nurse struggles to keep the kids safe and uncovers the mystery behind apparent attacks of an unknown origin that hurts the kids so that they cannot leave the premises. He teased me when I was scared.

Mission Impossible III, GSC, Berjaya Time Square
It's a good visual movie. We both love this movie. The action scenes are not only interesting and they are spectacular at times. Overall, the photography is slick.

The Omen, GSC, One Utama
The cinema was so cool. He rubbed his hands before passing the warmth to my shivering arms and shoulders.

Just My Luck, GSC, One Utama
We both love this movie very much, this movie symbolizes us. Of course I'm the lucky star for him.

Love Undercover 3, GSC, Berjaya Time Square
The movie was boring. Thanks to Weng Weng, Belle and Jessey who suggested this movie. But we are enjoyed to watch it with you guys. Cheers.

Pirates Of The Carribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest, GSC, One Utama
Another mid-night show of us. For me, I never watch Pirates Of The Carribbean previously but he do.

Re-cycle, GSC, One Utama
A small gathering with Crystal. She booked the tickets and brought some of her friends too. That's the very first time she meet he, my dear.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A glass of Water

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Gotta this article about water drinking, so thought of sharing this with you guys here.

"It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven a its value. We publish below a description of use of water for our readers. For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a 100% cure for the following diseases:
Headache, Body Ache, Heart System, Arthritis, Fast Heart Beat, Epilepsy, Excess Fatness, Bronchitis Asthma, TB, Meningitis, Kidney and Urine Diseases, Vomiting, Gastritis, Diarrhea, Piles, Diabetes, Constipation, Eye Diseases, Womb, Cancer and Menstrual Disorders, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases.

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water.
2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minute.
3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours.
5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to 4 glasses per day.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to cure/control/reduce main diseases:
High Blood Pressure - 30 days
Gastric - 10 days
Diabetes - 30 days
Constipation - 10 days
Cancer - 180 days
TB - 90 days

7. Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment only for 3 days in the 1st week, and from 2nd week onwards - daily.

This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.

It is better if we continue this and make this procedure as a routine work in our life.

Drink Water and Stay healthy and Active.

This makes sense. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals, not cold water. Maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating!!! Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you.

It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

A serious note about heart attacks: Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting.

Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line.

You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack.
Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.

60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up.
Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could survive. And, of course do drink more water start from this very minutes after read this article!"

Monday, July 30, 2007

A cup of Green Tea

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Green tea has increasingly become a very popular drink worldwide because of its immensely powerful health benefits. It is extraordinarily amazing what Green Tea can do for your health. So start drinking 3 to 4 cups of Green Tea today for your health *LOL*

Green Tea and Cancer
Green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer. The antioxidant in green tea is 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times better than vitamin E. This helps your body at protecting cells from damage believed to be linked to cancer.

Green Tea and Heart Disease
Green tea helps prevent heart disease and stroke by lowering the level of cholesterol. Even after the heart attack, it prevents cell deaths and speeds up the recovery of heart cells.

Green Tea and Anti-Aging
Green tea contains antioxidant known as polyphenols which fight against free radicals. What this means it helps you fight against aging and promotes longevity.

Green Tea and Weight Loss
Green tea helps with your body weight loss. Green tea burns fat and boosts your metabolism rate naturally. It can help you burn up to 70 calories in just one day. That translates to 7 pounds in one year.

Green Tea and Skin
Antioxidant in green tea protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, which cause wrinkling and skin aging. Green tea also helps fight against skin cancer.

Green Tea and Arthritis
Green tea can help prevent and reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Green tea has benefit for your health as it protects the cartilage by blocking the enzyme that destroys cartilage.

Green Tea and Bones
The very key to this is high fluoride content found in green tea. It helps keep your bones strong. If you drink green tea every day, this will help you preserve your bone density.

Green Tea and Cholesterol
Green tea can help lower cholesterol level. It also improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol, by reducing bad cholesterol level.

Green Tea and Obesity
Green tea prevents obesity by stopping the movement of glucose in fat cells. If you are on a healthy diet, exercise regularly and drink green tea, it is unlikely you'll be obese.

Green Tea and Diabetes
Green tea improves lipid and glucose metabolisms, prevents sharp increases in blood sugar level, and balances your metabolism rate.

Green Tea and Alzheimer's
Green tea helps boost your memory. And although there's no cure for Alzheimer's, it helps slow the process of reduced acetylcholine in the brain, which leads to Alzheimer's.

Green Tea and Parkinson's
Antioxidants in green tea helps prevent against cell damage in the brain, which could cause Parkinson's. People drinking green tea also are less likely to progress with Parkinson's.

Green Tea and Liver Disease
Green tea helps prevent transplant failure in people with liver failure. Researches showed that green tea destroys harmful free radicals in fatty livers.

Green Tea and High Blood Pressure
Green tea helps prevent high blood pressure. Drinking green tea helps keep your blood pressure down by repressing angiotensin, which leads to high blood pressure.

Green Tea and Food Poisoning
Catechin found in green tea can kill bacteria which causes food poisoning and kills the toxins produced by those bacteria.

Green Tea and Blood Sugar
Blood sugar tends to increase with age, but polyphenols and polysaccharides in green tea help lower your blood sugar level.

Green Tea and Immunity
Polyphenols and flavenoids found in green tea help boost your immune system, making your health stronger in fighting against infections.

Green Tea and Cold and Flu
Green tea prevents you from getting a cold or flu. Vitamin C in green tea helps you treat the flu and the common cold.

Green Tea and Asthma
Theophylline in green tea relaxes the muscles which support the bronchial tubes, reducing the severity of asthma.

Green Tea and Ear Infection
Green tea helps with ear infection problem. For natural ear cleaning, soak a cutton ball in green tea and clean the infected ear.

Green Tea and Herpes
Green tea increases the effectiveness of topical interferon treatment of herpes. First green tea compress is applied, and then let the skin dry before the interferon treatment.

Green Tea and Tooth Decay
Green tea destroys bacteria and viruses that cause many dental diseases. It also slows the growth of bacteria which leads to bad breath.

Green Tea and Stress
L-theanine, which is a kind of amino acids in green tea, can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Green Tea and Allergies
EGCG found in green tea relieves allergies. So, if you have allergies, you should really consider drinking green tea.

Green Tea and HIV
Scientists in Japan have found that EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) in green tea can stop HIV from binding to healthy immune cells. What this means is that green tea can help stop the HIV virus from spreading.

Food & Tea Restaurant

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Another new established Hong Kong style restaurant in Malaysia, Food and Tea Restaurant, itself are rising in numbers in last 2 years and have around 7 outlets in Malaysia now, 4 in Kuala Lumpur, 2 in Johor Bahru and 1 in Ipoh.

Look at the menu, everything are about the same with one of the famous, well known Hong Kong style restaurant, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Yet, the prices for the foods and drinks in the menu are sightly a bit cheaper as compared to Wong Kok. It's even more valuable if you order for the set, all sets are come with soup (Mushroom soup or Corn and Crab Meat soup), drink(Tea or Coffee) and a dessert.

We ordered Braised Duck Meat in Clypot at RM9.80, a Fresh Lemon Honey at RM3.50, Cheese Baked Rice set with soup, drink and a dessert at only RM11.90, and for the drink of the set, we added RM1.00 for the change of Tea or coffee to Jasmine Tea, so it's only cost us sightly RM30 included service charge of 10% and government tax of 5% in total. Isn't it sightly a bit cheaper than Wong Kok?

3rd Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Near GSC, Berjaya Times Square)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Restaurant Korean House

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Early of the month of June, we went to Restaurant Korean House which located in one of the shop lots in PJ SS2 for celebrating one of our lovely friend, Chien Ting's birthday as she never try out some of the Korean food before, so we decided to buy her a Korean dinner on her birthday.

Actually we drove past Restaurant Korean House, PJ SS2 quite a number of times yet we never drop ourselves there for a try, well, now is a pretty good chance and a pretty good excuse for giving us a try at there as to buy Chien Ting a Korean dinner for her birthday.

The place does not look pretty busy when we head in, but when nearly 7pm, the restaurant started to be quite crowded and busy, well, it's a good sign of a restaurant right?

As with many other Korean restaurants, we were given Kimchi, To Fu, Clams, Bean Spouts, Vegetables, Potato Salad, Anchovies and a few other things I can’t name. And, we were served free Wheat Tea (cold or hot) with free refill that most of the Korean restaurants didn't, we truly enjoy the service of this restaurant. The service of this restaurant is good and attentive, with the staff ensuring that our glasses of Wheat Tea were filled at all times.

I and Chien Ting ordered Soondooboo (Spicy Soup with Meats, To Fu and a few other things I can't name with a bowl of Rice) at RM15 each, Audrie ordered Bibim-Bab (Hot Stone Bowl Rice with a mixture of Mushrooms and Vegetables) at RM15 and my dearest ordered Samge-Tang (Chicken Herb Soup with Steamed Rice inside the Chicken) at RM28. The foods quite pretty tasty and good. And, we served some Watermelon as Dessert just after we finished our orders!

"Kamsahamnida" (Thanks you in Korean) will literally keep bowing and saying to you all the way from your table after you settled the bills to the door on your way out, the waiters and the boss are really friendly making you feel that you surely will come back here for the Korean foods second time and again.

Address: 185, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 603-78730031
(Near Police Station and opposite all the Wedding Shops)

Ulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan

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If you want to try out something refreshing for the mind and body. Ulu Bendol Recreation Park which is located some 18km from Kuala Pilah or about 25km south of Seremban on the road leading towards Kuala Pilah, is a perfect escapade for you. It is cool and peaceful and has lots of space for picnickers.

"Ulu Bendol Recreation Park is one of the six recreational parks in Negeri Sembilan developed for tourism purposes. Picnic lovers should find this place inviting because of its shady and leafy surroundings. The refreshing and cool water from the stream that meanders through the park offers a fun place for visitors bent on having a dip.

Not far away from this fine spot, for those who are a little bit more adventurous, going for a hike up to Gunung Angsi is a great experience. Gunung Angsi, or Mount Angsi, one of the attractions at Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest, stands at 825m above sea level and takes about three to four hours to climb. The climb takes you through a 4.5km route that trails the Batang Terachi River. Surrounded by other mountains such as Gunung Telapak Buruh, Gunung Berembun, Gunung Dato' and Gunung Tampin, the view on top of Gunung Angsi certainly makes the climb worth it. Every step there is to make to the top is sheer pleasure as you will find lots of beautiful birds, lizards and sometimes snakes that you hardly find elsewhere.

To savor the best out of this park, visitors may prefer to stay at the specially designated camping grounds or rent one of the chalets in the park. Chalets and A-shaped huts range around RM 19 to RM 30 per night. The Forestry Department in charge of Ulu Bendol is intent on making sure that Ulu Bendol forest remains pristine. So beware of the RM500 fine for littering, and please be a responsible visitors at Ulu Bendol - Take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints!"

I been there once for a short rest on the way of driving back to Kuala Lumpur city from Kuala Pilah, it's refreshing for my mind and body because of its shady and leafy surroundings. Yet, I never have a chance to challenge the peak of the Gunung Angsi, I'm telling myself I will be back for the Gunung Angsi one day, I guess it's worth that I will be rewarded with the view of the whole Seremban Town once I'm at the peak of it, am I right?

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
For more information, please kindly contact Forestry Department at Kuala Pilah (Tel: 606-4811036) or Negeri Sembilan Forestry Department (Tel: 606-7601345/7625690)

Seri Menanti Palace

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Negeri Sembilan simply means "Land of Nine States". The name is so-called because it once comprised nine separate districts, each ruled by a Malay Chieftain. Negeri Sembilan's rich traditions go back a long way. One of these has been manifested in the construction of the Sri Menanti Palace in Sri Menanti. And for surely, I won't miss this uniquely constructed palace, hence I dropped by there for couples of minutes during my way back to Kuala Lumpur city from Kuala Pilah. The turn off to Sri Menanti is about 13km from Kuala Pilah town, once after the turn off, just head straight in, the Sri Menanti Palace is situated at the end of the village.

"The Sri Menanti Palace was the official residence of the royal family until 1931 when it was found to be inadequate for the growing functions of the state. Designed by two local craftsmen and carpenters, "Tukang Kahar" and "Tukang Taib", the Wooden Palace or "Istana Lama" (Old Palace), which took six years to complete and is an architectural wonder as no screws or nails were used in its construction and completed in 1908. It's a classic showcase of Minangkabau structure and design. Elsewhere, the pretty village settings are reminiscent of the Minangkabau influence. The Seri Menanti Palace, which features 99 magnificent pillars to denote 99 warriors of various "luak" or clans, is often the subject of study and research among students of architecture. And, it's a tourist attraction after it was turned into a Royal Museum in 1992."

In shot, this uniquely constructed palace built without the aid of any screws or nailshas is worth for a visit!

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

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My girl, she’s a truly original Kuala Pilah girl, staying and growing up there for 17 years since her birth. She went to Kuala Lumpur city when she reached her 18 and met her prince “me” there. Unquestionably, I have gone to her hometown for once, visiting her parents during the Chinese New Year no longer ago.

“Kuala Pilah is a nice old valley town in Negeri Sembilan, made up of a sizeable Chinese community that has been around since the mining days during the early British rule, with many of the pre-war Chinese shop houses still fronting the main streets.

The India Temple, is the first land mark when you arrive at Kuala Pilah, which will be on your right hand side as you coming from Sri Menanti or Seremban . There are much of the Indian worshipping in the temple especially during the Deepavali day.

On the main road of Kuala Pilah, there’s a Chinese-styled arch dedicated to Martin Lister who was the first Resident of Negeri Sembilan. And, just right opposite of the Chinese-styled arch, the Sim Tong Chinese Temple, is the oldest temple in Kuala Pilah town and its worth for a visit if you have not been to one before. Behind the temple is a large hexagonal shaped market place with lots of food outlets selling local food from chicken rice to fresh water terrapin soup. For your information, the terrapin soup is a well known food in Kuala Pilah, so it's a must to try out!

If you have a chance to stay over here, you have a choice to stay at the old Kuala Pilah rest house. Although there have been some changes to the old government built rest house, many English folk who had lived here during the British occupation return to these rest houses to rekindle fond memories of their days in Malaya. In the early years, rest houses were the only available motels and where everyone from businessmen to travellers stayed.

And, don't miss the Yam Tuan Road of Kuala Pilah if you decided to stay a night over Kuala Pilah, it's a famous night spot of Kuala Pilah, starting from around 8pm. It's a must to have a look and a walk on the Kuala Pilah famous night market, you would find some interesting local Malay food for dinner as there are lots local Malay food vendors selling local Malay food there.

For handicraft lovers, the Kuala Pilah Handicraft Centre is just located at Jalan Seremban Lama. Walking around the handicraft centre is like visiting a handicraft museum because of the many lovely intricate works found here. From musical instruments to woodcarvings to traditional games, you can find it all at the centre. So if you are looking for something typically Negeri Sembilan to bring home to your family and friends, the Kuala Pilah Handicraft Centre should certainly be on your list of stops!"

Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

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One of the famous Hong Kong style restaurants in Malaysia, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (Restaurant Wong Kok), itself are rising in numbers in last 3 years and have around 9 outlets in Malaysia now, PJ SS2, One Utama, IOI Mall, South City Plaza, Cheras Leisure Mall, Plaza OUG, Ampang Water Front, Taman Equine Jaya Jusco and Johor Bahru City Square.

Look at the menu, everything looked really good, so it’s a bit hard to decide which one to order. Cheese Baked Rice, Nissin Noodles with Pork Chop,Fish wrapped in Egg with Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice, XO Silvergold Rolls, Cappuccino Coke, Soda Siphoon, Coffee Chin Chau Sherbet, Black Sesame Seed Papaya Milkshake, Eurasian, Honey Peach Pudding and other than these, there are still lots more that you can order.

Be prepared to wait a little if you're dropping by during peak hours, the place can get quite crowded, especially PJ SS2 outlet. The SS2 outlet is extremely popular alternative to the nearby mamak as they stay open till 2-3 in the morning. This is surely a good sign for Restaurant Wong Kok right?

2, Jalan SS2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
(Near Petronas Station, PJ SS2)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mizi Burger @ Fire Station

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One of Malaysia’s very own version western foods, Ramli Burger, unique in it’s choices of ingredient and method of preparation, well received by the locals and tourists alike ever since it was first introduced in 1979.

The preparation of Ramli Burger is slightly different with preparation of Western Burger, Malaysian used to slice the meat patty into two, keeping them intact ala clam shell style, add seasonings in the middle, wrapping the egg around the meat patty, with more seasoning, pan frying the buns with butter on the same cooking surface, for the special option with other ingredients like raw or fried onion, cucumber, lettuce, plenty of chili sauce, and even more mayonnaise. You can also add cheese, or double up the meat patties, basically limitless customization.

Mizi Burger is one of such Ramli Burger places, located just next to the SS2 Fire Station, this particular stall has been in business for some 10 years. The burger sold was very juicy and flavorful topped with raw or fried onion, cucumber, lettuce, mayonnaise, butter and sweetish chili sauce, the burger is messey yet it's tasty for only measly RM 2.50!

Jalan SS2/2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
(Situated right next to the SS2 Fire Station)

Roti Tissue @ Kayu

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Kayu Nasi Kandar, PJ SS2 is a so called high class mamak that operates 24 hours. Though the food might be on the high end of price scale when it comes to mamak offering, the food is good, the environment is pretty clean, and the place is air conditioned with some huge TVs. I guess it’s worth it!

One special mamak food they serve, roti tissue. What's special about this roti tissue they serving? They serve pretty impressive 3 feet tall roti tissue no where can be found. This roti tissue made from a larger roti dough and spread paper thin, at the crucial moment just before the roti gets burnt, they haul it up, manipulate it to a cone shape, and pour some condensed milk and honey/syrup while letting the roti harden, resulted the 3 feet tall roti tissue.

This snack is pretty sweet, and yet addictively tastey, best consumed when it’s still warm and crispy. When the ultra thin roti laced with sugar just melts in your mouth with the hint of condense milk, can't imaging it right?

Jalan SS2/12, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
(Near SS2/45, Petaling Jaya)

Wan Tan Mee @ OK

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This Wan Tan Mee stall is opened from around 11 in the morning to 6-7pm. Of course, the same restaurant also offers the Fatty Duck Stew Duck Rice we reviewed in our earliest first blog. We ordered a normal Char Siu Wan Tan Mee and a Char Siu Mushroom Mee. Like many Wan Tan Mee places, the noodle we ordered didn’t take long to arrive.

There was only the essentials of the dish, the Wan Tan, the Char Siu, the noodle, sauce, and pickled green chili. It didn’t even come with vegetable like most other places. The best ingredient of dish though, was their Char Siu, barbecued to perfection, maintaining the juiciness of the meat while achieving a very firm and consistent texture. The noodle has a proper texture and firmness to it, while absorbing the sauce well. The Wan Tan too, were of good size and packed with enough fatty minced meat. It is always a disappointment when some stalls make their wan tan too small in order to increase profit. Beside that, they also offer the popular Chicken Feet with Mushroom as toppings for the noodle.

The noodle starts from RM 3.50 per plate.

Jalan SS2/12, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
(At the other end of the same row of shop houses comprising Kayu Nasi Kandar)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fatty Duck @ OK

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Fatty Duck is a stall that operates from around 5pm and serves the dinner crowd. They serve stew duck with quite a number of side dishes to choose from. Among these are hard boiled duck egg, salted vegetable, hot and sour vegetable, mushroom, tofu, and even duck intestine. You can have either rice or porridge to go with these dishes.

For two of us, me and my dear, we ordered a serving of stew duck, 2 tofu, salted vegetable, hot and sour vegetable, and mushroom to go with rice. While the portion of servings was pretty small, the meal was enough to provide a satisfying dinner without over bloating my dear. I especially like the very smooth tofu that goes very well with the stew duck sauce. Funny how can be oblivious to some of the best foods closest to my home while traveling miles away to hunt for best foods in other places. Such is the case with Fatty Duck Teo Chew Stew Duck that is located a mere 2 minutes away from my home.

The dinner only costs RM 13 for all the dishes and rice. Pretty economical and definitely value for money for this great tasting meal.

Jalan SS2/12, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
(At the other end of the same row of shop houses comprising Kayu Nasi Kandar)

The Mines Wonderland

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For more than half a century, Hong Fatt Mine was the world's largest open cast mine ever known to man. Today, the miners have gone and the machines have ceased operations. And at that abandoned place now is a 150-acre man-made lake. Surrounding the blue lake is a resort city that sprawls over 1,000 acres. The Mines Resort City is presently home to the Seven Wonders of Malaysia. It is the country's latest destination. Destined to be Asia's most amazing destination. The mines Resort City has played host to Head of States and International events.

The theme park , The Mines Wonderland is the first of the seven Mines Resort City components. The Mines Wonderland was establishes for education and recreation purposes. With this in mind, every scenic spot, garden and fun ride within the park has its special purpose and meaning. Ice factory with a temperature of between -10°C to -15°C filled with interesting learning facts and fun excitemen, the open-air musical fountain theater incorporating light, musical and water, special performances by the Kadazans dancers, animal kingdom with various kinds of animals, light fantasy on the lakeside, dragon sculptures, coin garden, unity train, road train, garden boat, vintage car, water taxi and more."

Back to last year Christmas Eve, 24 December 2006, my dear and I though of going a place for celebrating our very first Christmas together. We decided went to The Mines Wonderland with the mind of The Mines Wonderland is the first winter wonderland in Malaysia beside surrounding the blue lake that sprawls over 1,000 acres. However, we found out that it's a education and recreation trip custom made just specially for family with children, it's not a romance or adventure trip for singles and couples. So, singles and couples that planning to go there for a romance or adventure trip, my advice is, "It is not that romantic and adventurous as what you had though of! Yet, it will be no problem to have a walk there just for recreation or fun!"

MINES Wonderland Sdn. Bhd., B1, MIECC, Jalan Dulang, MINES Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: 603-89425010

Colmar Tropicale, Pahang

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Colmar Tropicale is a French-themed hotel and resort standing at 2,700 feet above sea level on 80 acres of natural forest land. Modeled after the actual Colmar Village in Alsace, France, the idea of Colmar Tropicale was inspired by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad after his visit to the enchanting French Village in 1994. This 260-room hotel was built with materials imported from France to embrace the French authenticity to Colmar Tropicale. A drawbridge, lined with multi-colored daisies on both sides, links the entrance to the main facade. The guestrooms range from superior rooms to one to six bedded suites housed in eight blocks of architectural wonder reminiscent of the 16th century, overlooking the scenic view of the rainforest.

There are seven food and beverage outlets that offer a variety of cuisine such as La Cigogne for authentic French dining, La Flamme Sidewalk Deli for pizza and pasta, and Haagen Dazs ice cream corner. One of the star facilities of the resort is the Tatami Spa, located in its Japanese Village. The first of its kind outside Japan, Tatami Spa offers a wide range of relaxing and pampering body treatments. Immerse yourself in its outdoor bath? Onsen and complete the blissful experience with a massage on a suspended outdoor deck. Other features of Bukit Tinggi are the Botanical Garden, Rabbit Park and the Golf and Country Club."

Still can clearly recall the day back, 24 June 2006, I and my dear went there for our very first romance trip, it's really a wonderful place for romance and recreation if you ever want to experience life in France!

KM 48, Persimpangan Bertingkat Lebuhraya Karak, 28707 Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: 609-288 8888

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