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Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

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My girl, she’s a truly original Kuala Pilah girl, staying and growing up there for 17 years since her birth. She went to Kuala Lumpur city when she reached her 18 and met her prince “me” there. Unquestionably, I have gone to her hometown for once, visiting her parents during the Chinese New Year no longer ago.

“Kuala Pilah is a nice old valley town in Negeri Sembilan, made up of a sizeable Chinese community that has been around since the mining days during the early British rule, with many of the pre-war Chinese shop houses still fronting the main streets.

The India Temple, is the first land mark when you arrive at Kuala Pilah, which will be on your right hand side as you coming from Sri Menanti or Seremban . There are much of the Indian worshipping in the temple especially during the Deepavali day.

On the main road of Kuala Pilah, there’s a Chinese-styled arch dedicated to Martin Lister who was the first Resident of Negeri Sembilan. And, just right opposite of the Chinese-styled arch, the Sim Tong Chinese Temple, is the oldest temple in Kuala Pilah town and its worth for a visit if you have not been to one before. Behind the temple is a large hexagonal shaped market place with lots of food outlets selling local food from chicken rice to fresh water terrapin soup. For your information, the terrapin soup is a well known food in Kuala Pilah, so it's a must to try out!

If you have a chance to stay over here, you have a choice to stay at the old Kuala Pilah rest house. Although there have been some changes to the old government built rest house, many English folk who had lived here during the British occupation return to these rest houses to rekindle fond memories of their days in Malaya. In the early years, rest houses were the only available motels and where everyone from businessmen to travellers stayed.

And, don't miss the Yam Tuan Road of Kuala Pilah if you decided to stay a night over Kuala Pilah, it's a famous night spot of Kuala Pilah, starting from around 8pm. It's a must to have a look and a walk on the Kuala Pilah famous night market, you would find some interesting local Malay food for dinner as there are lots local Malay food vendors selling local Malay food there.

For handicraft lovers, the Kuala Pilah Handicraft Centre is just located at Jalan Seremban Lama. Walking around the handicraft centre is like visiting a handicraft museum because of the many lovely intricate works found here. From musical instruments to woodcarvings to traditional games, you can find it all at the centre. So if you are looking for something typically Negeri Sembilan to bring home to your family and friends, the Kuala Pilah Handicraft Centre should certainly be on your list of stops!"

Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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Alfred T.M. on November 23, 2009 at 6:18 PM said...

Your article on Kuala Pilah brought back fond memories of my childhood days living in Kuala Pilah. We used to live above a shophouse at 75 Lister Road, I know it is still there - last I saw in 2004. My Dad used to run a textile business at 63 Lister Road and also a buchery at the old market. We left town when I was sixteen. Warm regards T.M.A. Kader


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