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Seri Menanti Palace

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Negeri Sembilan simply means "Land of Nine States". The name is so-called because it once comprised nine separate districts, each ruled by a Malay Chieftain. Negeri Sembilan's rich traditions go back a long way. One of these has been manifested in the construction of the Sri Menanti Palace in Sri Menanti. And for surely, I won't miss this uniquely constructed palace, hence I dropped by there for couples of minutes during my way back to Kuala Lumpur city from Kuala Pilah. The turn off to Sri Menanti is about 13km from Kuala Pilah town, once after the turn off, just head straight in, the Sri Menanti Palace is situated at the end of the village.

"The Sri Menanti Palace was the official residence of the royal family until 1931 when it was found to be inadequate for the growing functions of the state. Designed by two local craftsmen and carpenters, "Tukang Kahar" and "Tukang Taib", the Wooden Palace or "Istana Lama" (Old Palace), which took six years to complete and is an architectural wonder as no screws or nails were used in its construction and completed in 1908. It's a classic showcase of Minangkabau structure and design. Elsewhere, the pretty village settings are reminiscent of the Minangkabau influence. The Seri Menanti Palace, which features 99 magnificent pillars to denote 99 warriors of various "luak" or clans, is often the subject of study and research among students of architecture. And, it's a tourist attraction after it was turned into a Royal Museum in 1992."

In shot, this uniquely constructed palace built without the aid of any screws or nailshas is worth for a visit!

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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