Friday, May 18, 2007

Our very First Anniversary

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2 more days to go, for our very first anniversary for being together, 20 May 2007! That’s a special day for both of us, it’s our very first anniversary for being together, and coincidentally that day is 20 May, in another word, it’s 520 mean I Love You!

Still can clearly remember how do we being together? It’s your idea of bringing me for a night view at Genting Highland on 20 May 2006, you telling me that you are very first time driving car yourself and fetching a girl to Genting Highland for a night view, so sweet and romantic, but I annoyed at you that don’t pretending and lying at me that it’s your very first time driving yourself to Genting highland and bringing a girl to Genting Highland for the very first time.

In the mean while, I speak nonsense on the way up to Genting Highland for the night view and you used your hand to shut my mouth up, but I used my hand to push your hand away, at the time your hand hold my hand tightly without letting go again and for the very moment, you promised me that you will take very good care of me, being the one who sharing the sorrow and happiness with me, and telling me that no matter what you will be the one who standing just beside me, holding my hand passing all the difficulties with me, at the very moment, I feel so touched and almost tears in front of you.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Things that He did for Me

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The first thing he bought me is the movie ticket "My Girl and I", that's our very first movie, also our very first hang out together at KLCC, he knew I so wanted to watch it.

Then, lunch, he treated me the very first lunch of course, during my lunch time and candies, he scare I'm bored and sleepy in the office, so he bought me that, guess what? "Clorets Ocean Mint Tablets", I still remember =P

Medicine! Yes, I'm fallen sick. He bought me the medicine from one of the farmasi after he get to know that I not feeling well and purposely drive to my office and pass me that, my heart touched by him that time =)

First time driving me to Genting Highland for a night view. He said that was his very first time driving himself to Genting Highland and his very first time fetching a girl to Genting Highland and being with her, so sweet and romantic, May 20, that day was our very first time for being together, I will do always remember that.

A box of toys with the colour of white, green, yellow, blue and red. Yes, he knew I liked it. He went to Sungai Wang, Time Square, One Utama and Mid Valley and searched for it like crazy. He founded it at Mid Valley at last and put five of it into a box and presenting it to me in a pretty paper bag, guess what? The box and the paper bag is the same. That was the seven day (May 27) we being together and we had a romantic dinner at Nallis.

A romantic trip, French Village, so-called Colmar Tropicale, that was a really wonderful and romantic holiday I ever had. Guess what? He specially bought me a cake and red wine. Most of the wonderful and romantic part is he lighten up the room with 37 candles, part of the candles formed the three words "I Love U", and he told me that the 37 candles represented the days we being together.

The most important is he trying to be there all the time whenever I needed someone, trying hard to make me feel better and happy, cheering me in any ways, comforting me with all his charms, holding my hands tightly as to make sure that I never get lost and making everything clear and right just for me. All the time I held him in my arms, I had the whole new world with me.

Dear, everything that I ever liked or fond of, you have given most to me. I know you always try your very best for me. For that, I thank you so much, for being such a loving, presistent and generous man for me. I knew you love me and so do I, I love you too.


New Beginning of Us

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Soon the new chapter will start (Our second year of being together) and hopefully things will be better. Oh well, I don't want to think about it for the moment so just let it be, staying happy is what i wanted to do the most..

Ha. Imagine that the naughty me who always keep on disturbing him, fooling him and making him feeling irritable with me, I guess he is sweating now for imagining for the coming few years to be with me =P

So looking forward our very first anniversary for being together (20 May 2007) now, and our very second anniversary for being together (20 May 2008) soon. And of course, for our new chapter, we must stay happier than we ever did =)

Words to my Little-queen

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Surprise! This is my first drop on this blog to my dear that had sacrificed so many times and effort to write and decorate this sweet, pretty, nice, wonderful, great blog. Dear, thank you. Thank you for everything you had done for me and i will appreciate everything till the very last moment of the world.

Sweet word neither need to say always, nor need to be so long. Truth word no need to be so long, just need to come from the heart. As long as you understand and I understand. We both will understand and finally, four letter words will be the best for us forever, that is "LOVE".

Dear, I just want to tell you that, "I had found you!! You are my the most valuable in my life and I love you!"


Words to my Elvin

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For the very very first blog of our site, first of all, I would like to thank my Elvin for cheering me up when I was feeling down, for trying to be there all the time whenever I needed someone, or trying hard to make me feel better in any ways when I not feeling good, for holding my hands tightly as to make sure that I never get lost and making everything clear and right just for me.

My mind is always curious about the way things might have been for you and me, as days go by and time goes by, I looked back again, all the time I held you in my arms, I had the whole new world right there for me, there you were, comforting me with all of your charms.

I know I have acted foolish, I'm selfish but I promise you no more, I have now finally found that something worth reaching for. I'm not here to say I'm sorry, I'm not here to lie to you, I'm here to say I'm ready, that I have finally thought it through, I need you, live without you, be without you and I love you. And, I mean it forever and ever.

Dear, I guess what I trying to say, is I miss you and I love you more each day, it hurts me not to see you or not to know if you're ok. I want you to understand that I loved you from the start. I want you to know, you holds a special place in my heart now and forever. And, I will do always tell god to give you the best in all, to keep you smiling today, tomorrow, everyday and forever.


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