Monday, May 14, 2007

Words to my Elvin

Posted by Elvin and Little-queen at 10:57:00 PM
For the very very first blog of our site, first of all, I would like to thank my Elvin for cheering me up when I was feeling down, for trying to be there all the time whenever I needed someone, or trying hard to make me feel better in any ways when I not feeling good, for holding my hands tightly as to make sure that I never get lost and making everything clear and right just for me.

My mind is always curious about the way things might have been for you and me, as days go by and time goes by, I looked back again, all the time I held you in my arms, I had the whole new world right there for me, there you were, comforting me with all of your charms.

I know I have acted foolish, I'm selfish but I promise you no more, I have now finally found that something worth reaching for. I'm not here to say I'm sorry, I'm not here to lie to you, I'm here to say I'm ready, that I have finally thought it through, I need you, live without you, be without you and I love you. And, I mean it forever and ever.

Dear, I guess what I trying to say, is I miss you and I love you more each day, it hurts me not to see you or not to know if you're ok. I want you to understand that I loved you from the start. I want you to know, you holds a special place in my heart now and forever. And, I will do always tell god to give you the best in all, to keep you smiling today, tomorrow, everyday and forever.


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