Friday, May 18, 2007

Our very First Anniversary

Posted by Elvin and Little-queen at 5:57:00 PM
2 more days to go, for our very first anniversary for being together, 20 May 2007! That’s a special day for both of us, it’s our very first anniversary for being together, and coincidentally that day is 20 May, in another word, it’s 520 mean I Love You!

Still can clearly remember how do we being together? It’s your idea of bringing me for a night view at Genting Highland on 20 May 2006, you telling me that you are very first time driving car yourself and fetching a girl to Genting Highland for a night view, so sweet and romantic, but I annoyed at you that don’t pretending and lying at me that it’s your very first time driving yourself to Genting highland and bringing a girl to Genting Highland for the very first time.

In the mean while, I speak nonsense on the way up to Genting Highland for the night view and you used your hand to shut my mouth up, but I used my hand to push your hand away, at the time your hand hold my hand tightly without letting go again and for the very moment, you promised me that you will take very good care of me, being the one who sharing the sorrow and happiness with me, and telling me that no matter what you will be the one who standing just beside me, holding my hand passing all the difficulties with me, at the very moment, I feel so touched and almost tears in front of you.


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babylone on August 19, 2007 at 3:17 PM said...

This is the first time i'm putting a comment here.. And i would like to said.. I feel very touch too queen queen..I also wanna cry.. Wuwuw.. T_T

Anyway, as a friend of him - Elvin, What i can say is.. He is really a Mr. Nice guy~! He is really a good friend and ofcourse a very good bf as well..

So i'm here to wish u guys "hang fuk" forever lah.. Hehe.. Love u guys! Muachxxx.. ~_^


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