Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rush Hour 3

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Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter are back in this latest sequel of the Rush Hour series. It’s been a long time since the last Rush Hour movie, so I couldn't remember about the last one. If I’m not mistaken, did they kick butt in China?

This time around, it’s Paris. Like a typical Jackie Chan movie, fun packed, with a large chunk of recycled jokes with some famous Jackie Chan actions. Rush Hour 3 evolves on predictable lines, but still entertainment quotient remains pretty high throughout especially the on screen chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker is just simply rocking, am I right?

From Rush Hour 3, I realised that Jackie Chan seems getting much more older as compared last few years, he didn't seem as agile as he was years ago, but for a man aged 53 like him, is still more fast, agile and flexible than most of his much younger co-stars.

The most trivia part in the scenes is Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) speaks Japanese to Kenji, er, I just can’t imagine Chief Inspector Lee is speaking Japanese in Rush Hour 3, isn't he Chinese in Rush Hour series, now become Japanese?

Overall, Rush Hour 3 is on more fun and less action this time around, nothing much spectacular, yet it's a must watch for Jackie Chan fans with a very high quotient of entertainment value.

Oh, and one thing I have to mention here in this post is we proud to be good citizen in Malaysia, so clap for us and we should clap for ourselves too.

Here's the story, Weng, Jessey, Elvin and I had nothing better to do so we went for a movie at GSC Berjaya Time Squares. At our first thought, we wanted to watch Flash Point since Elvin and I got 2 free vouchers for this movie and Jessey got 1 buy 2 free 1 voucher, so it could give us 5 Flash Point tickets by paying the price of 2 movie tickets only.

We opted to watch the 10pm movie and guess what, Flash Point is totally sold out and reserved even we tend to buy it around 7pm something, so no choices, we went for our dinner and hoping that the reservation for Flash Point will be released after our dinner.

We queue up again for the tickets after our dinner around 9pm and guess what, the ticket selling counter Indian girl telling us that the reservation for Flash Point still not yet released, so no choices, we so upset that we decided to watch Rush Hour 3 at 9.45pm and we queue up again. Unfortunately, the tickets for Rush Hour also fully sold out and reserved, and the ticket selling counter Indian girl telling that the reservation will be released in another 15 minutes time for Rush Hour 3 and asking us to queue again, what the hell, we have to queue up again, but this time we are clever, we asked the Indian girl to reserve for us once the ticket reservation for Rush Hour 3 released, and again, we queue up, feeling a bit embarrassed for queuing up again.

Thanks god, this time we got our tickets finally, the Indian girl did reserve for us and printed out the tickets for us in advance as well, and as usual, we paid for our tickets. The issue is, the Indian girl returning RM6 to us after receiving our RM50, RM44 for 5 tickets in total? Weird, but we just went off with our 5 tickets after receiving the RM6.

While waiting Belle for the movie at 9.45pm, we feeling that we shouldn't just walk away like nothing since the Indian girl has been so kind to us, she reserved and printed out 5 tickets in advance just for us. Maybe she will get scolded by her manager or being the one who have to pay for us for the movie ticket just because she can't balance off her cash received in total for the movie sold in total, or maybe she will get fired just because of this?

Here's the main issue, we went back and returned the balance of RM11 to her after the show around 11.30pm..

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babylone on August 22, 2007 at 12:31 AM said...

Oppps~! I became one of the character in this "Rush Hour 3" story!!! Heya, am i a good citizen huh? Hehehe... Not only me, is us - Weng weng, Belle belle, Elvin, QQ and M3(Jessey)~! So let's give us a big hand everyone..

Hmz, next time i think we are able to researve the ticket in more advance already. Haha.. :P


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