Friday, May 15, 2009

Basic Thai

Posted by Elvin and Little-queen at 5:40:00 PM
Yes! As informed earlier, we just get back from our Bangkok holiday!

Yeah! For friends who going to Thailand, come, let's learn some basic words in Thai from us here, and use it while you're there! It will be interesting and the local people there are happy to hear you speaking Thai.

Hello / Good Morning >>> Sawatdee krup / kha
Thank you >>> Kob khun krup / kha
How are you? >>> Sabai Dee Mai?
Fine, thanks >>> Sabai dee
Where is the toilet? >>> Hong nam yu tee nai?
How much does this cost? >>> Nee thao rai?
That's too expensive! >>> Peng mai!
Is there any discount? >>> Lot noi dai mai?
Goodbye >>> La gon
Sorry >>> Koh thot
Yes >>> Chai
No >>> Mai Chai

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