Friday, October 31, 2008

Pan Mee, Jinjang Utara

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We been craving for Pan Mee recently! In fact we can have more than three sessions of Pan Mee in a week itself at different places! Lol..

Pan Mee Take 1 - This is one of the places we often come to fulfill out Pan Mee cravings =P
Name: Restaurant Tuaa Mark Pan Mee House
Location: Jinjang Utara, Kepong

Well, the restaurant is located near the Jinjang Utara's pasar area. Therefore, parking is a problem as there are limited lots all along the street, as most of the aunties and uncles have parked their cars along the street for the pasar.

In the restaurant, there probably won't be any place to sit. But don't worry, sharing tables is the norm here. You will be ushered to a table with occupants and will be put in the uncomfortable situation of sitting and facing people you don't know and probably watching them eat. Or else, you may wait for the table for about 30 minutes time or even more.

Once you are comfortably seated, someone will come take your order for the drinks and the Pan Mee. Please note that the Pan Mee here comes in 3 sizes, S, M and L, with 3 types of noodles and with only in soup, no dry.

Next, you will be faced with a long wait for your order - Pan Mee, and the wait is inevitable. And of course, the drinks will be served first. Restaurant Tuaa Mark Pan Mee House do serve nice Tea and Kopi. Their Tea and Kopi do has their special aroma of its own, but with the right degree of bitterness, and it would display a complexity far beyond any one drinks that you drank before.

And, don't forget to try their amazing Samba by squeezing in some Lime Juice. Its just taste good with the Pan Mee =)

Finally, the Pan Mee arrives.. After taking your first bite, you will realise the Pan Mee is absolutely delicious.

The Pan Mee comes with a lovely mushroom aroma and mouth-watering taste, with heaps of ikan bilis, mushroom, pork and vegetables. Moreoever, the noodles do have a very nice texture, not too hard and not too soft. And most important is the soup is perfect indeed!

Is it that delicious? Maybe you shoud try it yourself!

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